La Jolla Chapter NSDAR

La Jolla, California

History of the La Jolla Chapter NSDAR


La Jolla Chapter
La Jolla Organized May 16, 1949

In January 1949, Miss Angeline E. Allen received official notice from Washington of her appointment as organizing regent of the La Jolla Chapter, and on May 16, 1949, after several notices in the local papers, telephone calls, personal interviews and a preliminary meeting at the home of Dr. Nina Allen Gird, Miss Allen’s sister, a company of sixty or more DAR members, friends and future DAR members met at the home of Mrs. R.E. Butterfield, to organize the La Jolla Chapter.  


In its first year, the La Jolla Chapter participated in the Good Citizens Award by giving a Good Citizens pin to a local high school student.  The second year, the chapter gave five medals and certificates in eight classes of U.S. History in La Jolla High School.  To this day, the chapter continues to award certificates and awards to outstanding students in local schools for Good Citizens, Good Citizenship, ROTC, and American History essays.


The La Jolla Chapter was established with sixteen members and it reached its peak of 132 members in 1965 at which time was the fourth largest chapter in California.  Currently, the chapter is approaching one hundred members, which includes almost twenty Junior Members.   La Jolla Chapter members have held national, state and district offices and positions.  In addition, the chapter organized the nomination of Mrs. Florence S. Riford for the DAR Medal of Honor for her community service in La Jolla and her donation of land to the La Jolla Library.


The La Jolla Chapter continues to recognize the accomplishments of its members, support membership participation and its participation in community service.  Our reward for this is our increase in and membership, both general and Juniors.    


Source:  California’s Seventy-five Historic Years DAR 1891-1966